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Fusionbrands Food Pod, Cooking Vessel, Made of Silicone

I’ve got way too many projects in the air. I just finished updating InsiderFood with many new resources. I also did some updating on InsiderArts and began working on InsiderWine.

I’ve got a big project to do with YQL that I keep putting off and I still need to work on my photography.

So what do I do instead? I started yet another blog: It’s a kitchen gadget site that was inspired by the recent work of my co-worker James. He just started WorkStyled, a blog about stylish work spaces.

The hardest part of building a site these days is coming up with the domain name. The concept was easy, WordPress and Woo themes made the design a piece of cake. No, it took me much longer to come up with a domain name. I chose fondooo (note the three o’s) because everyone has had a fondue pot at some point in their lives. It’s the ultimate kitchen gadget.

So take a trip down kitchen gadget lane on It’s just another in my range of food sites:

Now, if only I could find a few more hours to update the other dozen projects.

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