Why I stick with Dreamhost

Shit happens, servers die, web sites go down. Life goes on. I wasn’t too upset yesterday when all of my blogs stopped working due to database issues. I checked the Dreamhost support site and they had notices of major disruption, probably caused by a DDOS attack.

Today I sent a message to find out how I should fix my sites and got this great response within 15 minutes. This is the hands on support that I appreciate from Dreamhost.

> Hi

Hi There,

> I know you’ve been hit by a bunch of problems. However, I’ve been patiently
> waiting for my sites to come back and I keep getting database connection
> errors. This is occurring on many different domains.

First off, I’d like to thank you on your patience with these matters,
we’re attempting to get everything sorted as quickly as possible.

> Do I need to do anything to get them back online? Or will this happen when
> you get the servers fixed?

I’ve gone ahead and checked each of your sites, the issue here was caused
by a problem with the database permissions on the MySQL server. I’ve gone
ahead and corrected these permissions for you and everything is now
running as is expected with your sites and their content being properly
delivered. If you happen to need anything more please let us me know.


Thanks JJ and Dreamhost for making the personal commitments to getting sites back online.

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