The countdown begins

6 days… 6 more days before I can take a rest. In less than a week we’ll be unveiling the largest project that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working on. My neck is numb from the headphone strap, my shoulder, forearm, and hand are sore, my eyes are tired, but my spirits are up. I’ve worked an average of 10hrs/day for the past 8 weeks and only taken 4 days off in that time period.

Tired? yes. Worn out? almost. Unbelievably anxious? most definately. Proud? You bet. I’m going to be one big ass grin 7 days from now.

Me, me, me, me… I, I, I, I… no, I’m not forgetting everyone else, just taking a little self-absorbed moment, thank you. It’s too early for the tearful acceptance speech. Just peel your eyes away from the CSS Reboot list on monday and come back here for the big announcement.