Hack Event Survival Guide

I get to attend a lot of hack events as a Yahoo!  Developer Network Evangelist. These marathon coding sessions are a great opportunity to learn new skills, meet new people, and build something cool. I’ve seen some common problems and solutions appear at these events and this post will help those going to their first… Continue reading Hack Event Survival Guide

Preparing for the FCC

I’m heading to the FCC next week for a developer event. On Monday, November 8, 2010, the Federal Communications Commission will sponsor an Open Developer Day event at FCC Headquarters in Washington, DC, to promote collaboration between Web developers in the public and private sectors, in furtherance of FCC goals to further innovation in accessible… Continue reading Preparing for the FCC

Yahoo’s new open strategy is the bee’s knees

New Yahoo Policy – All Doors are Open Related articles by Zemanta Got Kit? ” Yahoo Login is more popular than Facebook. Are you covered? [del.icio.us] (js-kit.com) Yahoo pulls Facebook into Yahoo Mail (macworld.com) Yahoo Launches New Privacy Tool (techdailydose.nationaljournal.com) Mainstream Commenters Choose Yahoo Logins (gigaom.com)