Al Jazeera reports on hate-filled Palin rallies

Most Americans think Al Jazeera is a pro-Muslim, pro-Arab, terrorist television network. The only time it’s mentioned in the United States is when a new video is released with terrorists doing something to troops or hostages. In reality, the network is more like the BBC, although it does have a bias against the war on Iraq. I’d say it is a cross between the BBC and Fox, with the reporting skills of the BBC and the bias of Fox.

That’s not a ringing endorsement. It is however a reason why I often find myself watching the English version while in Paris. They cover the same stories as CNN and BBC, but often have more exclusive material of stories outside the US and Europe.

All of this is to introduce this film clip by an Al Jazeera reporter of a Sarah Palin rally in Ohio. She’s given the racist Repbulicans (not that all Republicans are racist) new opportunities to spew their hatred. The Original McCain © of 8 years ago wouldn’t have tolerated this patronizing of the hate-filled masses. This new version seems to have turned a blind eye for too long and it’s too late for him to stop. He even said he was proud of the people that attend these rallies.

Way to go.

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Sarah Palin’s email exposed

Word leaked out that Sarah Palin was using a private account for sensitive government correspondence. She hoped to avoid an archived paper trail by using Yahoo instead of the official Alaska Government address. It was only a matter of time before a court figured a way to subpoena her for the email account to be released for the TrooperGate investigation.

Crazy Sarah Palin
Image by earthpro via Flickr

Now someone has actually done it! They’ve figured out her password and published her email online.

This is a good time to remember your passwords need to be difficult to crack. She probably had something silly like “Jesus” or “Palin” or “password”. Add numbers and extra letters to your passwords and change them regularly. You should also use different passwords for your multiple accounts.

I can only imagine the juicy content ready to come out if she used the same password for her Netflix, eHarmony, MySpace, and Craigslist Personal ads. How many missed connections could she have in Alaska?

You were the hunk with the dead moose on your truck, I drove by and blew you a kiss. Wanna meet? I’ll blow some more…

John McCain’s large black penis

John McCain and his large black penis

This campaign just gets funnier and funnier. This photo shows McCain preparing to overwhelm Palin with his tool.

This moment occurred as the Republicans were blasting 2 Live Crew. 2 Live Crew complained afterward that they had not given permission to the republicans to use Me So Horny.

God I hope my parents are not reading this :)