Standards-based web development resources made even easier

Chris Pederick of the all mighty Web Developer Toolbar mentioned a great service today on his blog. Rollyo allows you to create your own personal search page that is super easy to build.

I’ve jumped at the chance to build a firefox toolbar to search the best standards-based resources available (and my site to boot.) I simply created a Rollyo page and then created the Firefox search plugin to use it.

I don’t have time to create the super-easy javascript link right now, but here’s how you can install it in two minutes.

  1. Download these two files: standardistas.src, standardistas.gif
  2. Place them in your program files/mozilla firefox/searchplugins directory
  3. Restart Firefox.


Visit the new Rollyo – Standardista page and click on the Add to Firefox link on the right sidebar. This approach will give you a generic Rollyo icon in the search box.


In one simple search you can get the relevant information from all of these sites without having to swim through thousands of extraneous results.

I’ve added more standardistas to the list:

The Future

I begin working with Yahoo! in a week. I had planned on building a page using their search API in the near future. Go ahead and download this Firefox toolbar plugin. I will be adding this to the mozdev archive and when I make the new Yahoo! version, your toolbar will actually update itself. As Christopher Lowell would say: “How cool is that?!”


  1. Ted,

    Thanks for the nice write-up on Rollyo. Just wanted to let you know (assuming I’m reading your FF comments correctly) that we have links to auto add any searchroll to your FireFox search bar. It’s in our Tools section.

    Searchboxes for sites coming soon.

    Thanks again for playing with Rollyo.

  2. Nice one Ted! I like it!

    Useful for mac users: You have to ctrl-click /Applications/Firefox and choose ‘Show Package Contents’. Then go Contents->MacOS and you’ll find the searchplugins folder. Put the files there and it will work on a mac. It does on mine!

  3. I do the backend stuff for Digital Web, and recently created a Mycroft search plugin. There is a ton of great, searchable content there on Web design and development. Frankly, I’m surprised you don’t have them listed already.

  4. Ted,

    Thanks for the kind post,

    I wanted to give you a heads-up that we just
    launched the Rollyo Searchbox. You can now feature
    a searchbox with all your favorite created and/or saved
    Searchrolls on your own site. The tool is very easy to use
    and you have a choice of three different searchbox designs.

    Give it a try and let me know what you think.

    Once you’re logged into Rollyo, just go to the
    Tools section or directly to the Searchbox tool here:

    Dave Pell, Rollyo

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