post-workshop resources

This list was put together for people attending our workshop on converting museum web sites to standards-based programming. I hope you find them helpful. Ted -04-21-05

This list of bookmarks will lead you down the yellow brick road of standards-based web design.


Eric Meyers
Mezzo Blue
Coding Examples
list of helpful sites
sort a table = brainjar
Web Development
CSS Frames | Lab | 456 Berea Street
CSS Layout Resources
Inline Popups: ★
The <display:*> tag library
IE Doubled Float-Margin Bug – CSS fixes and workarounds
stock.xchng – the leading free stock photography site
search for cms
CSS Rounded Box Generator Resizing, Fading Slideshow Demo
mezzoblue § DHTML ’05
LITERARYMOOSE.INFO: CSS Destroy Experiments > Synopsis > Button Bughouse » Journal
CSS/DOM-based Draggable Magnifiers []
The Amazing Rolloverer Experiments in Web Programming
Negative margins for 3 column layout
weekly reads
css Zen Garden: The Beauty in CSS Design
Kaliber10000 { The Designers’ Lunchbox â„¢ }
A Whole Lotta Nothing
CSS Vault » The Web’s CSS Site
Design by Fire
Digital Web Magazine
What Do I Know
Yellowlane – all the tools, links and resources you’ll ever need to make your web site accessible.
clagnut – stick around why don’t you
Living Can Kill You –
Simon Willison’s Weblog
: : Speak Up : :
SuperfluousBanter: Daily Musings and Commentary
Web Standards Awards
The Weekly Standards
World Wide Web Consortium
Forever Geek :: Nerds are for Dorks
Version 2 » Monthly Redesign Contest
QuirksMode Homepage
Accessify Forum: Accessibility Discussion Forums
456 Berea Street
Front Page – css-discuss
all in the <head> — ponderings and code by drew mclellan
Veer: Ideas
Daily Reads
Jeffrey Zeldman Presents The Daily Report
asterisk* | D. Keith Robinson’s Web Design Blog.
Weblog / Blog: Signal vs. Noise (by 37signals)
mezzoblue § design, typography, and the web: live from vancouver, b.c., canada
Blog |
The Web Standards Project
Photo Matt-Unlucky In Cards
splorp . blog
And all that Malarkey
seriocomic :. rhetoric
Web Development News
Search Engine Optimization
Blog Business Summit
Digital Web Magazine
Airbag — Devaluing the Market.
XForms Essentials
XForms Tutorial
DHTML Kitchen: Forms with style
Build Accessible Online Forms
Chiba Home
HTML – Accessible Forms – HTML Dog
W3C DOM – Form error messages
Web Forms
slayeroffice | dynamic date dropdown
Son of Suckerfish Dropdowns – HTML Dog Blog – HTML Dog Tabs
buttons | minimal verbosity
Inverted Sliding Doors Tabs | Lab | 456 Berea Street
CSS-based Dropdown w/a twist
Tabbed navigation with “sliding doors”
Accessibility – Tools and wizards to help make your web site more accessible more easily
HTML – Accessible Links – HTML Dog
colorblind check
And all that Malarkey [Accessibility: On a shoe-string]
Colors and Graphics
fluid shadows.
Color Blender
EasyRGB – Color harmonies, complements and themes.
The Iconfactory: Your Quality Freeware Icons Hub (ware.asp)
Introducing sIFR: The Healthy Alternative to Browser Text
wicked worn look
slayeroffice | tools | color palette creator v1.6
hexadecimal colour calculation
That Wicked Worn Look ~ The Series ~ Authentic Boredom
Nifty Corners
Disjointed rollover images

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