Obscure reference to moi

I was cleaning out the garage this weekend and came across an old letter from a New Zealand pal, Iain Cowper Smith, a.k.a. “Lube Boy.” We traded music way back in the early 90’s. So, I decided to do a search for him on the internet to see what he’s up to. I came across this little snippet that described him and me.

I came up with the name ‘decreate’, and wrote to Michael Morley for an interview – he replied and was very forthcoming (I’d reviewed his Guitar LP in the Vic Uni paper earlier that year – the first ever review of a Gate release in any kind of ‘mainstream’ paper, he later informed me). I did a mail interview with Omit, and this guy Ted who Iain had gotten in touch with in San Francisco (he had gotten into the habit of writing abusive and nasty letters to those people who would place classified ads in magazines like Flipside looking for musical penpals to flirt with; this one happened to write back) was friends with Trumans Water, then one of Iain’s favourites, and interviewed them for us.

Nick Cain of Opprobrium Magazine

Iain’s a real character and responsible for introducing me to some really twisted music and literature.