Memoirs of a visitor to India, part 2

Yahoo! Bangalore

lightning talks at the bangalore front end engineering conference
I was in Bangalore for business. I gave two lectures at the Bangalore Front End Engineering Summit and met with various properties about Yahoo! platforms and coding. The lectures were at the new office, situated in a cluster of high tech companies.

The Bangalore Yahoo’s are a fun group. We all seem to know each other already from the many email threads and conferences. There’s a fraternity-like connection between the veteran Yahoos and a similar freshman mentality of the new hires. Ted Drake speaking at conferenceIt reminded me of college in many ways.

Food in Bangalore

I’ve traveled to many countries and there are meals that I will always remember. I have vivid memories of cherry tomatoes at my friend Jacque’s restaurant in Paris, Gnocchi in Barcelona, more tomatoes stuffed with feta in Vancouver, Chai tea in Seattle, Belgian waffles in Brussels, Ice cream sundae in Vienna, pizza in Florence….

Overall, I would have to say Bangalore had the best food overall (it was also very cheap!). There were so many dishes that surprised me with explosive, unique flavors. The service was great and the company warm. View from Dining TableI especially enjoyed dining on the 13th floor balcony of the EclipseEbony restaurant.

The Yahoo! cafeteria has a small hole in the wall, about 2 feet by 2 feet. It’s a mysterious chasm that swallows dirty dishes and takes requests for coffee and chai. It reminds me of the lady that makes tortillas inside the San Diego Museum of Man, she sits in a broom closet surrounded by mummies, skulls, and a large Aztec god.

Your request is fulfilled a few minutes later as a tray appears with a small cup of hot divinity. This chai is nothing like the stuff we get in the states. It’s thick, spicy, and has a hint of roasted flavor. lunch at Yahoo! BangaloreI could have subsisted on chai alone.

Aside from the chai, here are some other foods I will remember:

  • Warm carrot pudding with vanilla ice-cream
  • Fluffy rice thingys in a sweet lemon liquid
  • Spicy shish-ka-bob mushrooms
  • Pizza with a thin crust that reminded me of Mama’s Bakery and Lebanese Deli in San Diego
  • Did I mention the chai?
  • Egg curry at the Yahoo! office
  • The spicy, but not hot, mint chutney…



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