French Wine – American Whine

jim and ted kvetchingWhile the French are masters at making wine, the Americans I’ve seen today have become true masters of whine. From the first step into the American Airlines terminal at Charles De Gaul to the Starbucks in Boston, I’ve never seen such a grumpier, more problematic and whine-loving group since… the last time I returned to America.

These aren’t the seats I wanted… My frappacinno is taking too long… Thank god we have air without cigarette smoke… Those French people were rude… I need some crack…

I’ve just about come to the point where I begin telling people to shut up. Get over yourselves. Think about the good things in Paris, like the markets, the fromageries, walking along the Seine at night, the music, etc. Why cap off your vacation summarizing everything possibly negative about the trip. No, Jim and I prefer to make rude jokes about the people around us instead.