Intent and design

Journalist John Hockenberry starts by discussing how he discovered the importance of intent after installing sparkly wheels on his wheelchair. It transformed his wheelie persona from victim to commander, at least in his own mind. He continues to discuss how a user or designer’s intent makes the difference between good and bad design. More from… Continue reading Intent and design

Yahoo! Accessibility

Next week is going to be a big week for me and accessibility on Yahoo! There’s a lot going on, I don’t know how it will all go down. 1. I am going to Bangalore, India to discuss accessibility at the annual Front End Engineers conference. I’ve wanted to visit India for a long time… Continue reading Yahoo! Accessibility

Micropatronage for accessibility

Joe Clark has an ambitious project on the docket. The Open & Closed Project hopes to create a new standard for video captioning. It also includes plans to develop better training and certification for those creating captioning. Joe even has plans for developing and implementing new fonts that would make it easier to view the… Continue reading Micropatronage for accessibility