Early morning in Paris

It seems like the average Parisian would rather eat cheese whiz than step onto the streets before 9 in the morning. The city doesn’t come to life until after 10. It’s a distinct pleasure to walk through the city around 6 in the morning. The light is strong and directional, the streets are empty, the… Continue reading Early morning in Paris

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Paris wanderings

visit my flickr account for more images I’m back in Paris and it’s so nice to just be here. It has been a lazy trip so far. Jim and I have been catching up on our sleep and getting adjusted to the time difference. We should be completely normal, so to speak, by tomorrow morning.… Continue reading Paris wanderings


Durward called me this morning. He was driving around Florida With a dead armadillo in the back seat Looking for a gas station with a Styrofoam cooler and ice To get his new souvenir stuffed. I’m sure there will be photographs soon. Related articles by Zemanta Iowa couple find rare armadillo roadkill (dailycaller.com) End of… Continue reading post-roadkill