Visiting Iceland

Flashback 5th grade, Miss All-breath’s class: Ok kids, the big country is called Greenland, but it sucks. It’s just a big glacier and very difficult to live on. But notice this smaller chunk. It’s called Iceland and is really a cool place to live. It’s actually fairly warm and in about 10 years there will… Continue reading Visiting Iceland

MyPlayList a nifty way to mix images and music

MyPlayList is a new web site that lets you search for a band and sit back while it finds music and images off the internet to create a playlist. The images come from Flickr and the music comes from wherever it can find good stuff. The playlist options seem to be limited to bands with… Continue reading MyPlayList a nifty way to mix images and music

Have a hairy christmas?

Usually boy bands have one guy with a goofy beard. BearForce1 well… has… well… I guess you just have to watch

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Blog of an unborn fetus

The fetus previously known from his musical diary (.mp3) , via lil markie, now has a blog: Journal of an Unborn Fetus You may want to skip that link if you don’t have a twisted sense of humor and love of sick Christian propaganda. Just consider it a fair warning. :) —————- Now playing: Edith… Continue reading Blog of an unborn fetus

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