Ain’t I a Beauty

Fluf, a band from San Diego in the mid 1990’s, was notorious for never appearing in their press photos. The release of a new album or photo opportunity was always a joy for their fans.

Facebook, aolder pug with huge tongue web site from Mountain view that started in the mid 2000’s, required users to upload a photograph of themselves for their profile. The release of my new profile photo is reason for my adoring fans to celebrate.

Here are some of my most glamorous mug shots.

ugly dog contest winner

German shepard with crazy eye mask

bulldog drinking water from a fountain

crazy mask made of candy

cairn terrier with mouth open

electron microscope scan of microscopic critter

pug with four eyes

grey hound with sweater

comic book from movie goonies

llama screetching

Ted as an opera singing lego

pregnant guinea pig

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