100 Podcasts: an entry to other communities

I’m working on notes for a panel discussion on empathetic leadership and one question was about tips for increasing empathy and embracing diversity. One key tip I have is to listen to a wide variety of podcasts. I listen to podcasts while driving, walking, and whenever I am not working. I listen to music when I’m working and can multitask. The following are podcasts that I’ve either completed the series or actively listen to.

It’s hard to link to podcasts, as it depends on your favorite player. Use this as a source of inspiration to learn something new. I’m continually updating my podcast list. I’ve noticed, from creating this list, several topics I’ve been missing. What are your favorites? Leave a suggestion in the comments.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Podcasts

  1. This podcast will kill you
  2. Code Switch
  3. The Trojan Horse Affair
  4. The other side of deaf
  5. Adventures in accessibility
  6. Digital accessibility
  7. United in accessibility
  8. The accidental ally
  9. Inclusive designers
  10. Sickboy
  11. Access All
  12. Invisibilia
  13. Radio diaries
  14. Radiotopia Presents
  15. Rough Translation
  16. TechShare Pro Cast
  17. Perfectly sickled
  18. Cheat Codes
  19. Sewers of Paris
  20. Gravy
  21. Workology
  22. All in the Mind
  23. BBQast – Blind Bargains
  24. 2 Dope Queens
  25. The world according to sound
  26. Blind Abilities
  27. Disability Visibility
  28. The Warriors War
  29. The Self over Sickle
  30. 13 Letters
  31. Talk description to me
  32. AT Banter
  33. BBC: 1800 Seconds on autism
  34. Excel Ability
  35. The sickle cell podcast
  36. The Triple Cripples
  37. Whose century is it?
  38. Disability after dark
  39. BBC: Ouch

Culture and History Podcasts

  1. Atlas Obscura
  2. The Bowery Boys
  3. The Leverett Ball Show
  4. Your undivided attention
  5. Radiolab
  6. This American Life
  7. Fresh air
  8. Stuff you missed in history class
  9. TED radio hour
  10. The Kitchen Sisters present
  11. Revisionist History
  12. This is love
  13. Death, Sex, and Money
  14. 99% Invisible
  15. Betty in the sky with a suitcase
  16. Aria code
  17. Black history for white men
  18. Recall: how to start a revolution
  19. Tech heroes
  20. The NY Times book review
  21. The splendid table
  22. What Roman Mars can learn about con law


  1. The Bald and the Beautiful
  2. Sibling Rivalry
  3. Bad Gay Movies, Bitchy Gay Men
  4. Race chaser
  5. I love gay Palm Springs

True Crime

  1. Criminal
  2. Norco 80
  3. Chasing Cosby
  4. Tenfold more wicked
  5. The Fall Line
  6. Park Predators
  7. Serial
  8. The Vanished
  9. Up and vanished
  10. In the dark
  11. Ear hustle
  12. True crime of Finland
  13. The Dark Divide
  14. Dr. Death
  15. My Favorite Murder
  16. True Crime Garage
  17. Southern fried true crime
  18. Verified
  19. The murder squad
  20. Canadian true crime
  21. Forgotten women of Juarez
  22. Man in the window
  23. Monster: DC Sniper

Other podcasts

  1. Rob Crowe’s Incongruous Show (no longer available)
  2. Grammar girl
  3. The Truth
  4. The Blues Kitchen
  5. Home Cooking
  6. Radio Rental
  7. All songs considered
  8. Decoder
  9. My dad wrote a porno
  10. Song exploder
  11. Fitzroy diaries

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