As I left for work this morning, I noticed an advertisement for Yoga on the front matt of the apartment. This led to some chuckling as I recalled my previous attempt at Yoga.

Lord God Martha had an article on Yoga in her Living magazine. Jim and I thought, hey let’s give it a try. We jumped on the only soft surface in the house, the bed. Position one produced some chuckles. Position two generated an enormous fart that scared the dog and caused Jim to push me off the bed. I hit the floor like a sack of giggling pre-teens. Jim ran to the bathroom to avoid peeing in his pants as I sat on the ground, paralyzed from post-yoga convulsions.

I think I’ll pass on joining a room full of strangers farting and giggling.

P.S. I’m listening to the iPod and the song that began playing while writing this is Gregory Page’s “A Song for Martha”

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  1. Looks like they are periodically offering yoga classes in the gym, there’s a sign up sheet and schedule, I was thinking about maybe going to one of those.

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