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Tech for Red State Moms. I’m going to get killed at work for actually saying that. It’s been a mantra around the office for too long, but it’s true. We’ve launched Yahoo! Tech and I couldn’t be more proud.

When I was interviewed for a job at Yahoo! six months ago, I was asked about my preference of projects. Would I like to work in Santa Monica for News or for this new project about making tech easy for the average person. “Yes!” Pahleeease… like I would have said no to either of them?

However, I wanted to work on whichever would be the most challenging. Tech certainly filled that requirement.

I pictured Tech as a mix between Cnet and Netflix. A place where you could get the information you needed, but also feel like it was personlized just for you. I think we’ve done just that.

Yahoo! Tech is full of great information, specifications, price comparisons, and everything else you’d ask for in a tech site. But it’s also got personality, something you don’t always hear in conjunction with Yahoo! sites. We get a kick out of reading user’s questions, especially when they get a bit risque. The ability to save products, share them, and compare them with a few clicks makes shopping so much easier. One of the last features we added was content from Dummies and McGraw-Hill. It’s great to be on a page looking at digital cameras and see an article about removing red-eye.

So take some time and enjoy Yahoo! Tech. I know I will. It’s been a long 6 months with many, many 70-80 hour work weeks. Now I’ve got a computer filled with recordings of Top Chef, Flavor of Love, and other horrible television shows to catch up on.

Keep an eye on, my CSS/Web design site for some articles about what’s behind the code in Tech.

The coverage is starting to appear. Here’s what Forbes has to say about Yahoo! Tech.

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  1. The site is a great sign of things to come, and I’m especially excited by the awesome job you guys did executing… it’s definitely the most complicated, *correct* site at Yahoo, a trend I hope will continue!

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