Yahoo! rocks my iPhone world

There’s lots of talk about iPhones and their extensibility with web apps and soon to be built in applications. Google, Yahoo!, and Facebook have created a number of official components, but what about the non-official additions?

Yahoo! has a history of in-house hacking and iPhone friendly applications are passed around like trading cards inside the Y! offices. Here’s a list of official and unofficial applications/web sites that work great on an iPhone and use Yahoo! technology or were built by Yahoo! engineers.

  • Mobile Flickr: Cleaner interface for mobile phones
  • Kent Brewster’s “Glint”: puzzle game
  • Dav Glass: iSpam gets your iphone to train Yahoo! mail about spam messages
  • iFlickr: Advanced Flickr/iPhone integration
  • iPhone Pipes: Easily create a data mashup and view it on your iPhone

There’s a ton of stuff that has been created for the iPhone that is still in internal testing. Here’s another site, YcoolThing,  keeping track of Yahoo goodness in iPhone friendly layout