Toronto Time

I’m in Toronto this week working with the Canadian folks. We’re trying to work oot some bugs on a new Yahoo! property.

toronto nightToronto is a big city, and when I say big, I mean big stuff. Things are spread out, a city block is probably two city blocks in San Francisco. There are big trashcans on the street (that separate recyclables and trash), a big phallic symbol, big signs in the subway, very big drag queen hair, and the list goes on.

There’s one thing here that’s no longer big: the American dollar. That damn bush has even killed our dollar against the Canadians! I have visited Canada several times over the past 20 years and it’s always been a shopper’s paradise. But noooooo, now the stuff costs the same as the US. What’s the fun in that.

Joe ClarkI haven’t taken very many photos of Toronto. It’s not very photographic for me. That’s not to say there aren’t interesting things, the interesting things happen too quickly and you’d miss them with a camera in your face. The people are interesting, especially in the Village. It’s much more fun to sit back with a coffee, tea, or something and enjoy the atmosphere.

I visited with everyone’s favorite gay vegan Cannuck accessibility guru: Joe Clark. I’ve experienced the city via his photos on flickr and his many blog posts about the trials and tribulations of a Toronto life. I always enjoy seeing a new city with a local friend when I travel. Joe’s CN Tower at nightjourney was quite the jaunt.

We talked about homosexualist web developers and the lack thereof, politics local and global, cars, music, and other butch things. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to see the storied Leslieville or the infamous street-trashcan-furniture pieces. We did see some great examples of signage gone bad in the subway.

There’s a great farmer’s market in Toronto. It’s been around longer than California. Well, at least the Americanized California. I’ve tromped my ass through those stalls looking for some delights. The food was unfortunately only mediocre and the coffee even worse. However, I did find a European/Ukranian stall that made an amazing roasted eggplant with mayonaise, tomatoe, and cheese. I know, it sounds like a train wreck but it was delish!

farmer's market in TorontoI’d love to buy some of the local cheeses, berries, and such. But they won’t make it through customs without me throwing a hissy fit, and I’m just not in the mood to ruin my makeup.

Today’s my last day here. It’s time to pack up the old suitcase and head off to the airport soon. Don’t worry Toronto, I’ll be back again. I missed Niagara Falls this time, so save some water for me.