Tell Larry Craig not to resign

I don’t know about you, but I’m enjoying the hallaballoo about yet another closeted Republican in a sex controversy. This is better than watching Jerry Springer, as these smug bastards have been forcing their fake “morality” on the country and now they are facing the consequences.

So I say “Don’t Resign Larry Craig!” Stay in and let us watch you squirm like the millions of people that have had to deal with the legislation you and your cronies have enacted over the years. Don’t resign until your prostitute loving Louisianna compadre does it with you. Let’s make this the Springer trash-fest to end all trash-fests.

If you agree with me, send Larry Craig an email that says “Don’t resign! You’re doing one heckuva job there!”


  1. Good call – my only question was what to put in the subject line. I think I went with: “other – You being a self-loathing old queen”.

    Do you think he’d be such a bitter angry old man if he had just come out 25 years ago when he was first outed? I sure hope not.

  2. Dear Ted Drake:

    Do you have contact info for Durward potter ? We went to high school together and I would love to catch up with him. Can you help me?

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