Subway movies

I live in a subway-less city, San Diego. We have an above ground trolley that is nice and easy to ride and sometimes even has great landscapes to watch. But it isn’t the same experience as staring out a window at the dark, pock-marked walls of a subway system.

I travel regularly to Paris and find myself staring out the metro windows, watching the blur of wires, pillars, cracks of light, and yes, the reflections of other riders. I’ve often thought it would be great to somehow create a moving visual experience for the riders. I tried to figure out how images could be placed on the walls to mimic the crude movies of early cinema.

Artists in New York have added a new twist to subway graffiti. Parasite (.mov movie) is a portable computer/projector that attaches to the outside of a train. It projects movies onto the walls as the train travels through the tunnel. This is exactly what I was visualizing and bravo to the artists for bringing it to life.