Structure equals accessibility

I will be speaking at the Front End Engineering summit tomorrow with Nate K at Yahoo!. First off, it’s still amazing to me that I just wrote that sentence. If someone told me a year ago that I would not only be working at Yahoo, but also speaking in front of other engineers, I’d.. I’d… I don’t know what I would have thought.

We will be discussing how accessibility is tied to semantic markup in standards-based web design. It’s an obvious connection for me. Accessibility is about offering information to everyone. Semantic markup displays information in the best possible way. One doesn’t support the other, they are the same.

I will be showing some examples of UFO flash detection, using table headers, what’s involved in building an accessible form, and how to use CSS to offer great content and visual design at the same time.

This post is just a tease. I’ll write some posts about the concepts I’ve covered but can’t show the examples until we launch. It’ll be worth the wait… I promise.