Satoru Yoshioka photography exhibition

We often look back at our school years as the golden times. Ah…nostalgia. 12 hours of darkroom labs, hands that smell of peanut butter/developer, living on Ding Dongs and Diet Coke. Those were the good ol’ days.

photograph by Satoru Yoshioka of a bridgeI was particularly lucky to study photography with an amazing group of students. Satoru Yoshioka, Mark Waters, Dan Sturt, Jonny Donhowe, Susan Coppock, Meredith Hodge, … However, Satoru had a major impact on the way I saw photography. His images are full of mystery. He doesn’t try to capture the scene, rather he seems to capture a moment in time. The viewer is left to wonder what is going on, what is next, what just happened?

When I shoot for myself, I find Satoru’s images guiding my eye. I still use the instant Polaroid film that he used in school. I still use some of the unorthodox methods he discovered in the darkroom and studio. I still hope to capture the images that are in my mind, the way that he does.

Satoru is having an exhibition in San Diego this week. The opening reception is Friday, September 9 at Simay Space.