Rep. Thelma Drake loses reelection

Thelma Drake, a republican congresswoman, lost her bid for reelection this week. I’m happy about this, but not for the reason you may imagine.

Rep. Thelma Drake late Thursday night conceded the election for the 2nd Congressional District to political newcomer Glenn Nye after a bitterly fought race.

With a small number of absentee ballots still being counted, Republican Drake released a statement saying some voters waited in line for hours and many troops serving overseas, including Iraq and Afghanistan, sent absentee ballots.

“Those ballots have been counted and the voters have decided,” she said, congratulating Democrat Nye.
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I search for my name all the time. Not because I’m self-centered, far from it! Not that I’m less than spectacular…

I search for my name when testing search engines and the latest startup concepts. I know what is a decent result (anything that features myself prominently).

No, I’m just tired of articles for Thelma and her gun club popping up in “Ted Drake” search results. It’s a small, but annoying thorn in my side. Hopefully in a few years these results will disappear and I can bask in the glory of an all-Ted result page.

It’s a good thing I am so modest.

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