BlogAid - Support the Asia Relief Effort
I’ve just finished setting up my Google Ad Sense program and am proud to be a part of BlogAid, a fund raising effort for the victims of the tsunami. I will donate any Google AdSense revenue for the month of January to this recovery effort.

This program points out a weak spot in our hearts. We want to help the tsunami victims. Since web sites are dedicating their Google revenue to the victims, let’s click on the ads and send more money. I’ll admit it, I thought of doing this right off the bat.

But let’s think about what we are doing. You are saying, I want to donate 3 cents to the victims. I’ll click on the link, charge some company 40 cents for my click, Google gets 37 cents, the victims get 3 cents, and the company that paid for the ad, hoping to get a quality visitor, gets the shaft. Now who’s the victim?

So please, use the Google ads on my page, but do so responsibly. If the web site looks interesting and you’d like to see what they are selling,… click away. But don’t go to all of the BlogAid web sites and click randomly. If you really want to help, volunteer with your local relief agencies, sign up for your own Google program and donate the proceeds, or donate some money directly to one of the following agencies.

Here’s a list from the BlogAid web site of tsunami charities:

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