photograph by Derek Loranger of a boat and lake in Vietnam
My mother was a school teacher and she would always tell us kids: “you’re going to grow up to be a teacher like me.” Naturally, I dismissed the idea, I was going to open a pet store. 20 years later, my brother David teaches high school and coaches football, my sister Cindy teaches horticulture at a local college, and I teach photography at Palomar College. Just remember kids… Mother knows best.

I love teaching. Especially a subject like photography where the people are there because they want to learn, not because the class is a requirement. I just received this message on our photo class e-mail list and it’s one of those rewards that makes it all worth while.


I was a student of Ted’s about 2 years ago and from time to time, I like to share pictures with the list, to show that the class really can help your technique.

My latest trip was to Viet Nam. And I can say that it helps to have an interesting subject.

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You will note that I use many if not all of the techniques that Ted teaches in the class.


I must say, Derek was an accomplished artist before he took my class. I just introduced him to some new composition and lens techniques and how to use the camera more effectively.

Congratulations Derek on the great photographs and trip to Vietnam.