I’ve finally installed my photography gallery.

This has been a long standing project that seems like it will never be finished. As a photographer, I love the idea of having images on the internet for people to view. It has been years since my last photo exhibition and online seems to be the only avenue I’ve concentrated on.

I looked at but didn’t like putting all of the work into building a database of images and then leave them on someone else’s server. Further, I wanted to work on something that could be translated into a usable format for museums and other artists. Flickr and other community portfolios are simply not acceptable for museum collections.

I’ve looked into various database driven galleries. While they are the best alternative, my brain starts spinning everytime I open SQL or some other database. Little voices begin telling me… I don’t like math… I don’t like databases… This is scary… It makes me feel like a Barbie doll yanked pre-maturely off the shelves for being too stupid.

Todd Dominey put together an xml-driven flash movie for photo slide shows at least a year ago. I can’t remember how long I’ve been using this simple set-up. Recently, he released Slideshow Pro, which is what I’m using now. Although the controls are a bit mysterious, the slide show allows the visitor to wander through various galleries, preview images, and control music when available.

Open Issues

  1. The movie is too large for small screens running 800X600 resolution. For those with the smaller resolutions, I apologize. I have made the decision to support larger screens. I want the content to be king on this site and that includes larger images. There just isn’t enough room on the 800X600 monitor for everything. I realize this will cause some layout issues for about 10% of viewers, but I think it is better for the majority of viewers. Those with smaller screens will still see everything, they will just have to deal with some overlapping. This isn’t perfect and a bit obnoxious, but a decision I’m going to stick with for a bit.
  2. Music is inconsistent. I have to save some of my MP3 files again at a different bit-rate to make them play with this movie. I will add more later
  3. Gallery thumbnails missing
  4. Independent galleries. I need to create individual pages for each gallery. This will give me the opportunity to tell you more about the images.
  5. Make the galleries XHTML compliant. I’m having problems with the WordPress admin user interface. I can’t insert the javascript that would allow me to insert the movie dynamically to make the site compliant. The interface adds extra html to the script. This should be fairly easy to fix. I just need to hit the tutorial files.

So… enjoy the images. Please note the link at the top left of the page that will take you directly to the gallery page instead of this post.