When I started this blog, I wanted a hook. A catch. Something that made it more…me. I wanted a theme, an idea, a meme to play off of. Post-next was born.

I love post-x movements. Post-modern art and post-modern architecture. Post-punk music that has evolved into post-rock. Post-this, post-that. “The thoughts that come afterwards” was the thought of the day.

I planned on naming the posts with this post-something quirkiness. Alas, it began getting a bit forced. I started wondering if this was really such a great idea after all.

The deal was sealed, the saying goes, with a post-reading analysis of a post by D. Keith Robinson on writing effectively for the web.

Use clear, descriptive titles. I don’t know how many times I’ve skipped an entry because I couldn’t tell what it was about from the title.

Don’t you just hate it when something makes sense? So, I’m abandoning the post-blah names for more appropriate titles and will look for new ways to reflect my postal ambitions. I’m going to leave the old posts with their post-names. Although, perhaps they should now be considered pre-post-post-names.

Is it time for a pre-revival? Bring on the pre-raphaelites, the pre-press, the pre-historic, and pre-scription for a bit of sanity.