Museums on the Web 2005I was the web site manager for the San Diego Museum of Art for five years. I learned a lot during that time. I went from a wysiwyg hack using Net Objects Fusion to getting my feet wet with hand-coding, e-mail newsletters, Flash, ASP, and finally took the dive into standards-based programming.

Working for a museum is a great experience. The majority of the people are there because they love what they are doing. They work for less money but tend to get more freedom to explore and learn new techniques and technologies. While at the museum, I had the opportunity to attend numerous conferences on digital asset management, copyright laws, and emerging technologies.

My favorite conference was the Museums on the Web conference. This annual event brought museum web site managers, marketing directors, and curators together from around the world. I was fortunate to present two mini-workshops in the past, E-Mail Newsletters for the Museum and its Visitors in 2002 and Fresh and Interesting Features for any Budget in 2004.

This year, my partner Brian Rountree and I will be presenting a half-day workshop, Standards: the benefits of web standards for you and visitors to your site, at the Museums on the Web conference in Vancouver, Canada. We will be giving an introduction to the history of web design, the tag soup that we are wading through, and the future of standards-based web design. More importantly, we will show how museums will benefit from a conversion to standards-based web design. We are looking forward to this opportunity and encourage any museum web site manager to get their museum to sponsor a trip to this conference. Even if you miss our workshop, gasp, you will find the week well worth your time and money.