There was an apocolypse 4 years ago… The 4 horsemen came riding along… Netscape 4.7 was given a ticke to ride the river Styx…

Jeffrey Zeldman
Now that I have illustrated my ignorance of religion, it is time to celebrate the 4th anniversary of Jeffrey Zeldman’s proclamation: To Hell With Bad Browsers. Anil Dash has become the grand marshal of the anniversary parade with his post about how this announcement has changed his life.

I was your average html hack willing to try whatever seemed interesting before being introduced to all that is Zeldman. Brian Rountree pushed me into the world of standards and I found new satisfaction in creating web sites that do more than look purty.

Thank you Zeldman for parting the pearly gates and melting the golden browsers and lighting that bush on fire. Is that what it says in the Bible?