I have found the cure for design-block. You know, like writer’s block only with coding. Just create one seriously ugly style sheet and stare at it for a while. You’d be amazed how quickly the artistic juices begin flowing. We’re talking really damn ugly.

I thought it would be nice to do a blog with primarily grey tones and few colors. Well, what better than a sharpie on white paper. and… do it quickly, really artsy and rushed. Oops, when I scanned the drawing, the background image took 83 seconds to download. So, I chopped it up and threw it in the style sheet and voila… a really ugly site!

I visited css zen garden, thinking it would inspire me. Actually, I was desperate and thought I could rip off some hard work from somebody else. Did I say that?

Seriously, I just perused the pages waiting for something that was an inspiration. While none of them said, hey Ted, here’s your blog design, I did like the way a few of them used huge header images.

Recently, I scanned some black and white images from Paris, so the search was on for something nifty. This image on the top of the home page is from Paris. I was walking along the road next to the Seine and saw this guy watching a television float by. Yes, a guy watching a television float by. So, that is what this is, a slow shutterspeed photograph in Paris of a man watching a television float by in the Seine. I’ll add new images to the other pages in the near future.

I’ve been busy writing new posts about standards-based programming. It’s a pain to do coding examples. I have gained much new respect for those that have taken the time to write stories with coding in them. I welcome any suggestions and comments on these posts. They will be combined for a paper I will be delivering at the upcoming Museums on the Web 2005 conference.

Now, I need to finish modifying the code to remove excess markup.