I’m setting up an ad-sense account with Google. I figure it could help pay for some of my adwords expenses. As an extra, they offer html coding tips. Well, I’m not one to pass up the opportunity of some good advice. The link takes you to a google search for great website design and this is the wonderful page that tops the list:

I’m not going to put a link to it, I don’t want to help this site gain any more prominence in Google.

Ouch, the tips are out of the stone-age. There’s even a link to a ripped off summary of an ancient David Siegel tip ala 1997.

In the interest of sanity, I thought it would be a good idea to googlebomb the world with a more appropriate link. So, here it is: great web site design. I think would be the better answer to great web site design. Feel free to follow with your web sites.

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