Photographing with Polaroid type 55 film

Tim Box I went to school with a great photographer, Satoru Yoshioka. During his shoots, he would open his polaroid film, look at it under the light to see how the shot looked and then set it on the counter for later. Afterwards, we’d sit around and look at his images and try to figure out how he got such unique images.

We (other Palomar students) finally figured out the light was solarizing his negatives (re-exposing the semi-processed negative or print transforms shadows to highlights and other unpredictable effects). So, naturally, we began doing more and more of this. I got to the point where I process the negative for about 30-45 seconds, pull it apart, and hold it under a very bright light until it begins smoking. Then I close up the halves and let it dry. The negative will be solarized and the chemistry will dry and leave a texture to the film.

I’ve begun adding my photographs to Flickr and my Polaroid images are drawing the most attention. It’s gratifying to know the area of your art that you most enjoy is the part that others most enjoy. It reminds me Bjork’s best of compilation. She let her fans choose which songs to include and she was pleased to see it wasn’t necessarily her top 10 songs but her more artistic that made the cut.

One image, Tim Box, has been getting some great comments over the past week. Tim was a great artist that I met while volunteering for AIDS Art Alive in San Diego. There is an honesty to this image as Tim stares directly at the viewer.