Ted the Cockroach
I’m famous… sort of. I just became one of the latest creatures in Heidi Barack’s popular Animal Fiction series. I’m a cockroach. Yep, just turn on the lights and watch me run.

You’ve got to love Heidi’s art. She’s doing what she loves and it shows.

It reminds me of the latest exhibition by Christo and Jean-Claude in New York City. I wish I could find the exact quote, but Jean-Claude described the gates as having no underlying message. They are meant to be visually exciting and to be enjoyed. They don’t represent 9/11, poverty, inhumanity or anything else.

Heidi’s art is like that. Pure fun. You gotta love it. Time for me to scurry, I think I see someone reaching for a light switch.


Perhaps it’s the spam karma coming back to haunt me. This week I asked a question to the web standards group about how to use an aural style sheet to hide spammed header tags hidden by text-indent.

It was just a question!

Now, I’ve had to turn off comments on this blog due to spamming. I re-named the comment folders and added the image confirmation script a few weeks ago and enjoyed a spam free blog. Alas, they have come a knockin’ again.

I’m going to upgrade to WordPress 1.5 tomorrow, hopefully this will solve the spamming.

How can I remove the bad spam karma?