Now I know what it’s like to be an old hippie

I grew up on the cusp of punk rock. In fact, I’m still just an old straight-edger. I slammed when it was cathartic. I made the trek up to Los Angeles to record KROQ on tapes. This was the only way to listen to get “new music” in the wastelands of San Diego when the rest of the minions were swaying to “Eye of the Tiger.” In other words, late 70’s and early 80’s new wave and punk rock is more than a quaint style to me.

This may explain why I am physically sick right now.

I just got a link to Disney’s new Devo-based mousekateers show: Dev2.0 Devo, Devo, Devo. Why, for god’s sake, why did you have to do this? (.wmv file) What’s next?

Don’t tell me Henry Rollins will be singing TV Party on sesame street with Big Bird. Jodie Foster’s Army doing a commercial for Cokes and Snickers? Better yet, the Teletubbies introducing a new Crass creature that has the mangled head of Queen Elizabeth?

Where is Ian McKaye?

We need someone to lay down the law and stop this madness. Please, Ian, come to our rescue again.


  1. Dude –

    Ian McKaye would say…

    Why are you listeniing to Disney Crap anyway? Dude – Divo was radio mainstream. Anti-Ian. Dude – one of the Divo dudes lives in my community- he is total disney.

    (dude – I agree – we need more Ians in the World. We need an Ian Index to the world.) We need a place for musicians all over the world to submit their music for free download, and a paid Barmy Army to listen to all of it and rate and recommend it.)

    Just remember – Use Your Head – That Gray Matter, to make a Uniform Choice. – The Youth Brigade, will prevail over Reagan’s Youth only if we make sure the mainstream in not overly Exploited. Take care, Kevin.

  2. I can’t believe I just got a comment from Kevin Seconds. We have actually met several times in San Diego. I always felt like I was somehow part of the 7 Seconds family with all of the references to ma seconds.

    It’s hard to describe the communal feeling of being a straight-edge in the early 80’s. The power of working with each other to make a difference and making the decision to live a lifestyle the shunned the easy way (drugs, drinking, meat, racism, etc). I am still a straight-edge person at heart, even if my music choices have moved from punk to post-rock.

    It’s hard to discount Devo, the lyrics to Freedom of Choice still ring in my head.

    Damn… Kevin Seconds leaving a comment. I’m actually giddy right now.

  3. Ted, as one who a wee-tad older than you and lived through the same music era (though I was on the East Coast)as you did, I understand your upset, honest, but this is Devo we are talking about. Remember that one of the two brothers/founders was a successful ad agent pre-Devo, and their who message was about the DE-EVOlution of the human race. What could possibly be more “devo” than seing a bunch of barely pubescent kids lipsincing to an almost thirty year old song about beating off, and doing this under Disney’s wing?

    I am not a big fan of Walt or anything he has created after about, say, 1945. He consistantly took material from a variety of sources cleaned it up, sanitized it, made it fairly vacuous, and sold it. For example, “Peter and the Wolf,” a communist-written story about Peter, a Pioneer (communist boy scout, if you will) who demonstrates that he has no fear BECAUSE he is a Pioneer; he isn’t even afraid of a huge man-eating wolf. Read: under Communism all things are possible. Disney turned it into a sweet tale about a county boy and this animal friends. Point being that Disney was ‘devolving’ stories in his epic animations long before the Devo boys were born.

    To my twisted mind, it is a perfect match. I’m sure the guys from Devo are laughing all the way to their banks.

  4. A comment from Kevin Seconds and an explanation from Durward that ties Devo, Walt, prepubescent girls, and communist pioneers in one day.

    I’m feeling pretty good about this whole Dev2.0 project now. Perhaps I’ll take my Mary Kate and Ashley calendar off the wall and replace it with one of the new Disney creatures.

  5. Wow – Kevin Seconds. Wow. I won’t blame you if you never get around to reading this comment. =-)

    Anyway, a couple points:

    – I can understand being disappointed by DEVO2.0, but it looks as if you haven’t been following the revcent Mothersbaugh works: the theme to Rugrats? Jak and Daxter? Clifford? Disney is just the next logical career move. And really, you have to expect both the existence of a 2.0 of DEVO and for them to suck: they’re devolving, man.

    – I don’t know if it’s a blessing or a curse, but because the heroes of your youth are about 10-15 years older than us, we’re forced to watch them grow old and sell out. The curse part is the shock and disappoinment. The blessing is that it wakes us up to our impending geezerhood. The Hippes sorta lucked out since so many of their idols died young (Lennon), and many of the rest never grew up (Jagger).

    I myself nearly stopped skipping through a TiVo’d program to watch a “hides the gray” hair coloring commercial. Where did my blue hair go?

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