No Pity for the Duke

It’s official, the “Duke” is a lying, corrupt, son of a bitch. I’ve been saying this for years and his tearful admission brings no sympathy from me. San Diego has seen more than its share of corruption, but Randy “Duke” Cunningham is riding high on this wave. Good Riddance!

Not only did he cry like a baby, he squeeled like a pig! The FBI got him to wear a hidden microphone to snag more of his crooked buddies! What’s that I hear Duncan Hunter? A big “oh sh*t!”? . San Diego residents may remember a guy who killed to Mira Mesa teen agers abuot 30 years ago and taunted them to die like men. When he was on death row, he didn’t exactly take his punishment “like a man”. Why does this remind me of the Duck? Perhaps it’s his hyper-macho personna with typical republican hipocracy coming forth.