Nikon’s new digital camera

The details are slim. The promo is dark. Could this be the camera I’ve been waiting for?

Digital cameras have a sensor that is smaller than your typical 35mm film area. This makes your lens behave differently. My wide-angle 24 becomes a mediocre lens. My lensbaby becomes a telephoto lensbaby. My telephoto becomes an oh-my-gawd telephoto. This doesn’t work for me. When I look at the world, I know how it’s going to appear via my different lenses. I purchased the d70 and returned it because I hated the lens behaviors.

So I’m waiting for Nikon to develop an affordable digital camera that has a sensor the same size as 35mm film. Give me my lenses back. That’s all I ask. Canon has it, it’s time for Nikon. Perhaps this is the one. Perhaps my excuse for sticking to my precious film is coming to an end. I still love film. But digital can also be fun.

Agfa Scala is not dead

Speaking of film, if you are an Agfa Scala fan, there is still hope. Agfa is gone. But Main Photo in Los Angeles still has a huge inventory and they are still processing this incredible film. I just bought four rolls and had two processed. The images are fabu and I can’t wait to scan them.


  1. Mainphoto is using terrible Clayton chemistry as a replacement to the agfa chemistry.

    If you want your scala film processed correctly go to

    For that matter forget scala film altogether, you don’t need it!


  2. @Nats – If you are a new photographer, I would recommend the Canon cameras. They are cheaper, lighter, and faster. Nikon is better for established photographers with a wide spectrum of new and old lenses. I recently purchased the Nikon D200 because it worked with my ancient micronikkor, lensbaby, and more.

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