New Flickr Images

When Flickr first began, I was intrigued by the hype and set up an account. After loading a few images, I frankly lost interest. I didn’t like the idea of putting a lot of time and energy uploading my work to someone else’s server. I wanted to work with a photo gallery that could be used by future clients, i.e. museums, who would never put their work on a communal site.

So, my Flickr account sort of sat there, ignored and dusty. Like the souvenir bottle from a short-lived summer vacation.

Now I’m working for Yahoo!, who purchased Flickr earlier in the year. As an employee, I get the super-dooper pro version of Flickr gratis. I wouldn’t dust off the Phoenix references just yet. I pretty much killed the old account. Nope, I’ve got the brand, spankin’ new Yahoo! employee turbo-charged Flickr fiesta foto gallery (lordy that sounds stupid). I’ve already uploaded about 450 images and look out for more.

I know the thumbnails are positioning themselves randomly. Frankly, I’m enjoying the impromptu layouts. Hit refresh for a new selection and new positioning.


  1. I’m a front-end, standards-based developer. I make the pages pretty and accessible. Yahoo! is a great company to work for, I’ve loved being a part of it. It’s only been a month but I’ve met some great people and have learned a ton.

  2. So if I bring up to you some issues I have with Yahoo!, there’s a possibility you would look at them and possibly act on them? *nudge nudge*

    I like Yahoo! very, very much. Everything I’ve done with them has been great so far. And other than their email software, I like ’em better than Google.

  3. I can’t solve all your problems. I have a project of my own to work on. However, Yahoo! is in beta with a new email application that will blow your mind. It truly is amazing. They will begin opening the beta to new users in a month or so.

    Yahoo! didn’t buy Flickr, they absorbed Flickr and its philosophy in everything they do. You will see a lot more collaboration in the future with your various Yahoo! products, your friends, and the world in general. Try the new shoposphere for an example,

  4. Ooo, you might enjoy this article I just came across today.

    Pretty much echoes what you said.

    I look forward to the beta! I’ve been using Gmail because, well, there is no better email service out there. However! If Yahoo!’s is as good as you say, then I would be only too happy to switch. Bloody heck, if Yahoo! manages a better email system…dang. Well, that would mean a lot. Oh search engine wars! How I love thee! This is why America is so great: competition.

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