New CSS Resource

As a developer, I needed an online repository for code design ideas. I began to use this site as that resource. But, its become more than a developer resource, it’s the place I rant, rave, and watch letters appear on the screen as my fingers clickety clack on the keyboard.

Introducing… drum roll please…

I am now launching a new site for advanced CSS code. I’ve begun the process by copying code related posts; watch for book reviews, guest posts, and pure, simple code. I’ll be posting quick notes for problems I’ve encountered and the solutions I find.

This won’t be a gallery site. It won’t critique re-launched sites. It won’t discuss my fascination with Project Runway. In short, it’s the scrap book developers keep on their desks. It’s the photocopies taped to a wall, the notes scribbled on your hand, and the business card tucked away for later review. Visit it today:

k2 theme

Kudos to the Binary Bonsai crew for building super fantastic K2 WordPress theme. You’ve made it possible for me to put this little project online quickly. I’ll begin transforming it to a more unique look quite soon. K2 will continue to be the backbone.