Museum Inside Information

The golden boys and girls of the Museum web site community have put together a new blog to share inside information on what it takes to present a collection online. MuseMatic is a co-ordinated effort between the Museum Computer Network and the American Association of Museum’s Media and Technology Committee. While the design of the blog won’t impress the standardista community, the informaton within should.

Museums and other non-profits have an amazing collection of misfits, psychopaths, and egotistical maniacs. But once you get beyond the marketing departments, you’ll find people who love what they do and have an earnest desire to share their collections, art, history, and culture with anyone and everyone. Museums have been leading the drive towards accessibility, online interactions, user generated content, and doing so with the tiniest of budgets.

So step behind the scenes. Go past the paintings, the skeletons, and the gift shops. Share the lessons learned by some of the largest (Getty) and smallest museums around the world.