Moving to Paris


I’m moving to Paris. It seems impossible to actually believe that last sentence. I’m actually moving to PARIS!

I will be transferring to European Yahoo! to work on the Finance web site amongst other projects. This is a dream opportunity and I can’t begin to describe the mixture of pride, anticipation, anxiety, hope, and sadness. I have been working towards this move for the past decade. Years of traveling, trying to learn french, working my ass off to become a good programmer, you name it. I always hoped that sooner or later I’d have a skill that would be needed in the city of lights. Now it is here.

Jim will stay in San Diego with his kennel and we won’t sell our house immediately. Our hope is to buy a flat in Paris in 6 months to a year and sell the house around that time. Jim will travel to Paris and stay for a few weeks at a time. I expect to come back for Christmas with the family and more.

I will probably move sometime in May or June. I’ve got tons of things to sell, close, clean, and organize. I’ve also got my goodbye tour to handle (Heidi). Sure I’m hoping to come back regularly, but this is a big move.

Jim and his pooh

I never, ever thought I’d have a hard time moving to Paris. I just figured it would be a no-brainer.

But, I’ve met some amazing people that will be hard to live without.

My closest friend in the Bay Area, Jim du Nord, has made living away from San Diego exciting, productive, and sane. I don’t know what we’ll do without our weekend trips to the coast, Napa, and most importantly: the shopping malls of Gilroy. I’m determined to get Jim onto a flight to Paris sooner rather than later. Friends like Jim make life in a new town wonderful and leaving the town heartbreaking.

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  1. Knowing Ted has been a treasure that I will miss. I must admit that he does have a twisted sense of humor which keeps you laughing the majority of the time that he is in your presence. I wish him the best of luck and all the happiness in his new venture. May all your boos-boos remain in Callifornia and you find none in Paris

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