Microfinancing with Kiva

María Guadalupe Vázquez GonzálezMicrofinancing has been around for a long time. The premise is pretty simple. María Guadalupe Vázquez González lives in Mexico and wants to start a small grocery business for her community. She needs $1825.00 to purchase some supplies and electrical equipment. She can’t get a loan from the local bank and the village money lender may charge outrageous interest. Kiva.org allows individuals around the world to loan her small amounts of money to start her store.

Here’s how it works

Maria goes to her local microfinancing institute and they give her the loan at 18% or some other reasonable rate. Kiva provides the funding to them at 0% financing and provides a funding profile for Maria. You can then use PayPal to become her angel-financer. Maria pays the local microfinancer back over the year who then re-imburses you.

Maria can create a thriving business that increases the quality of life for her family and community. You are able to make an impact and get your money back. It’s not a donation. It’s an investment. You don’t get interest on your money, you get satisfaction.

Visit Kiva.org and help Maria and others $25 at a time. They also have gift certificates for your friends and families.