Jerry Springer in Paris

I have a cold right now. It’s nothing major, just annoying. Yesterday I took two antihistamines and fell asleep on the couch. I woke up to something oddly familiar… Jerry Springer on the TV! I have never heard such sweet poetry to my ears.

Jerry SpringerI’ve been in Paris for 6 weeks now and starting to miss the truly tasteless entertainment I called my life in California. I love Jerry Springer and now I’ve got him talking to me about women sleeping with their boyfriend’s brother. Pinch, me I think I’m dreaming.

New vocabulary

This veritable Louvre of Television culture is showing 3 hours of commercial free Jerry Springer, punctuated by an episode of Urkel?! I have learned so many new words. I can now say “You fat cow”, “you inbred son of a bitch”, and “only when I’m drunk.” But the best word I learned was Salope!, french for the chant “Whore!” that you hear so often on his show.

Yes, everytime a woman disclosed her affair with the guys 3 brothers, you’d hear the audience chanting “whore! whore! whore!” and the screen shows “Salope! Salope! Salope!” in the captioning.

However, salope doesn’t have the same gutteral power. It sounds more like a woman in the old testament that squeezed a rock and produced cheese.