I’m an antidote to bad gay sites

I can’t wait to call my mom and let her know. She’ll be soooo proud of her little baby.

Seriously, Joe Clark referred to Yahoo! Tech as an antidote to some of the horrible re-designs of gay-game sites. It’s a bit disjointed but appreciated.

We tried to make Yahoo! Tech as accessible as possible. User-testing with Victor Tsaran, Yahoo’s accessibility guru led us to make many small and large changes to the code. I’ve written one article about how we made our home page flash movie accessible and have two more on the way about our comparison tables and how we are displaying our ratings and reviews.

Visit www.last-child.com for my notes and articles about web design. It’s got the geeky side of me and stay on this site for the well… less geeky side. Thanks Joe for the nod and the push. Now I’ll need to get busy on publishing those other articles.