I hate clowns – a web site from yesteryear

I’ve been thinking about some web sites that I used to visit all the time. This was back in the early days of the Internet. Remember the joys of bulletin boards, the awesome Netscape 4.7, popup windows left and right, cool email addresses….

ihateclowns.com logo IHateClowns.com was one of my favorites. It had a purpose; let the world know you hate clowns. I was one of the first to get their email address: bubba@ihateclowns.com. I even bought a t-shirt and proudly wore it as women grabbed their children and tried to hide their faces from my brutally honest clown-hating chest.

It didn’t take long before the site owner realized he couldn’t afford the server costs for all of these free email accounts. I eventually dropped the account after paying $5-10 a year and forgot about the site.

Well, children, we are still in luck. I Hate Clowns is still in business, still offering email accounts, and still offering cool t-shirts and free stickers. It’s good to know that somethings on the web may morph, but they still exist. I’m in the mood to check on some of the others from my early browsing past.