Fun for the entire family – Bear Escape

I have strange dreams. I have the type that leave me chuckling when I wake up. This morning was a doozy.
Iceland 2009
Imagine this new family game: Bear Escape. I had a dream of the standard nuclear family gathered around the family room as grandma was on her back and an angry plastic bear hunkered over her, ready to dig in for a certainly gruesome death.

The dad said “Ok Grandma, how are you going to escape this angry, man-eating bear?”

Granny replied “I’ll try carving him!”.

At that point the little rugrat with blonde ponytails ran to the kitchen and returned with one of those long forks and a carving knife. Granny gracefully, as gracefully an 80 year-old lady on her back with a german shephard-sized plastic bear on chest, started to carve the bear’s arm like a Thanksgiving turkey.

I woke up at that point. It’s a shame, I would have loved to see how this game progresses. I can see this sold at Toys-R-Us next to “Squeal like a Pig” and “Guard the still” family action games.

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