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Everyone has their bible. For some, it is the Holy Bible, for others, something not quite so reverent. As a child, our family life would come to a screeching halt when our bible arrived in the mail. Being the youngest, I usually got the National Enquirer after it had been scanned, read, and laughed about by the rest of the klan.

I’m all grown up now and my bible and gods are no longer the gossip rag and celebrity stalkers. Instead, I look up to my Rock Gods, such as NoMeansNo, Drive Like Jehu, and Ethel Merman. The omniscient National Enquirer has been replaced with web sites such as

The AListApart path to enlightenment

Hardly a week goes by without doing a search on alistapart for the path to this or that standards-based method. A couple months ago, I created a search box plug-in for Firefox to make it much easier.

With the blessing of Jeffrey Zeldman, I present to you the search plugin for firefox.

Sorry to any IE users out there. I must have uploaded a bad copy of my permalink page last week and the formatting is botched. I’ll fix this tonight. Being that this is about Firefox, hopefully only a few people noticed it.


  1. Dustin
    It’s pretty simple. If you already use Firefox, look at the Google search bar in the top right of the window. Imagine using that window to just search That’s all there is to it.


  2. What exactly does it take to develop a plug-in like this and what coding knowledge? There are some sites which I would find very, very useful to have this for. If you could send in the right direction, I’d be most appreciative.

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