Epson releases retro-Leica digital camera

I’m not a gadgeteer. As a photography teacher, I always pushed creativity and vision over tools. That said, it is nice to have a solid set of camera gear.

I’m a Nikon photographer. It’s not because they’re the best but the most versatile. I didn’t want to worry about having to upgrade my lenses when buying a new body. Unfortunately, this hasn’t been true lately; my N90 does not work well with my ancient micro-nikkor or my lens baby. I actually returned a D70 because I didn’t like the transition between using my film lenses on a digital camera. At this point, I’m still digital-less.

Epson and Leica

new epson/leica cameraEpson makes magnificent scanners. Leica makes magnificent cameras. Together, they make one hell of a digital camera. If I had a set of Leica lenses, I would be selling the family dog and cat to make room for this camera. Of course, if I had a set of Lieca lenses, I wouldn’t need to sell the family dog, I’d probably just break open another nest egg.

It’s a digital camera that looks and feels like a film camera. It uses film lenses. It caters to its audience! Leica people are fanatics, they need this camera. They will have their faces smushed against the glass of the local camera store to get a peak at this camera. That’s what I love about this camera. It is the perfect mix of Leica styles, quality, and outrageous price tags.

Back to Nikon

So, here’s my plea to Nikon.

May the next version of the DSLR have a chip the same size as a 35mm negative. This would give my lenses the same characteristics on both cameras.

Give us full metering ability with older lenses. That is why Nikon fanatics are Nikon fanatics. If you want our undivided loyalty, give us our old lenses back. I know it can be done.

Give us something as cool as this Epson/Leica, please….. pretty please?