Dynasty reunion

I don’t watch television, no I’m above television. Well, ok I do watch a wee bit. I’ve got my little addiction to bad reality shows like Project Runway, Top Chef, and the Jerry Springer show. But I’m superior, I don’t fall for American Idol madness, the sunday football game, and the latest episode of Lost. No, I watch Lost on DVD like any civilized human being.

Which brings me to the flashback I had this morning when viewing a sneak preview of the Dynasty Reunion. Crytstal… Crystal…. Crystal… What happened to you? Alexis looks fabu, but Crystal looks like a drag queen impersonating Wynonna Judd impersonating Crystal. Gone is that sweet smile, replaced by a botox mask that makes Alexis look like she’s never seen a plastic surgeon in her life. And that dress…. Girlfriend… Who chose that thing?


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