Dreamhost is the best

I’ve been struggling with the transfer of my hosting from Jumpline to Dreamhost. There were times when I wondered if it would ever be finished and worth the work. But I must say, Dreamhost has lived up to their name.

Customer support, Customer support, Customer support, Customer support, Customer support, Customer support, Customer support!

I have no problem paying extra for good customer support. I always buy and recommend brands that have consistently given good support. Linksys, Netgear, Sony, and now Dreamhost. No generic form letters from these guys, they actually answered my desperate pleading with personal messages and manual corrections.

The site is still in generic land, as the custom template work that i’ve done hasn’t survived the move very well. However, it’s time for a fresh look, so I’m just going to start from scratch.

So farewell Jumpline, Dreamhost is the belle of my ball.


  1. I’m sure hoping that somebody got a referral out of this switch. Dreamhost’s referrak deal is pretty sweet.

    I also hope that you found all the possible codes to lower the price – I ended up paying just over $9 for my first year of hosting with them.

  2. Here’s one of the really cool things about dreamhost. It’s incredibly easy to host multiple sites on one account.

    I went for the super 7 deal last year to start up a marginal site. $7 to register a domain and host it for a year. About a month ago, I went to set up a new account for http://www.last-child.com, and found out I could add it to the marginal sites hosting plan for free. It was so easy, I thought there had to be a catch.

    So, when I got the notice to renew my jumpline account at $190/year, it was a no-brainer. I closed the account, moved it to dreamhost, and save the money. And yes, the referral deals are sweet. If anyone signs up via this post, I’ll get a kickback. but that’s not what my glowing poetry is about. I just like to give credit where its due.

  3. I’m with Dreamhost as well. I switched and ended up paying $25 or something for the first year. In the meanwhile I’ve already earned two times $97 referral fee. They paid this week in fact. I don’t know how these people pull this off but it rocks so hard the neighbours start complaining occasionally. I’m also running a LOT of stuff on it too. five sites, a lot of MySQL databases, PHP stuff, RoR stuff, mailinglists, you name it.

    I don’t think there are any better deals on the internet when it comes to hosting.

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